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5122 vs Sheraton. Your not a big bigsby fan, Sheraton. Why pay extra for a bigsby if your not gonna use it. The necks are very different, the Sheraton has a chunky neck, the 5122 has a thin neck. Can a Sheraton twang, yep, twang is in the player. Bottom line only you know what guitar is right. Dot Studio - Epiphone Similar to our Les Paul Studio, the Dot Studio has all the tone and functionality of our “Dot” but with a fabulous Vintage Sunburst or Cherry finish. Epiphone is long famous for its own original semi-hollowbody models from the 1950s Kalamazoo, Michigan era, including the Riviera and the Sheraton. Epiphone Dot vs Casino | Page 4 | Telecaster Guitar Forum I have a Dot and would love to own a Casino as well. The Dot is a great player, but the pups are dark and middy. I can mitigate that somewhat with pedals and EQ, but a set of bucker sized P90s or really bright buckers would be a great upgrade. I've heard DiMarzio's Eric Johnsons work well in a Dot. Casino Shooting In Delano Ca - Casino Vs Dot Vs Sheraton

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The Dot, Riviera, and Casino all have a "D" profile neck, where the Sheraton has a "C" profile, so if you can, try both out to see which one you like better. I was personally not a fan of the bigger "D" necks. It might turn out to be the deciding factor for you. Neither one is better than the other, they just feel different. Epiphone Casino Vs - Recevez vos 1600 de bonus de casino Auto SEO, Much Fast | Epiphone casino vs epiphone sheraton… The epiphone sheraton ii vs epiphone casino coupe. Versus epiphone dot nick from gibson es muy diferente a les paul special edition union jack sheraton epiphone casino, dus! Epiphone dot vs casino Epiphone dot vs casino. Casino–The P-90s are more chimey but still can cover the low end.

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Epiphone Dot vs Casino | Telecaster Guitar Forum Epiphone Dot vs Casino Discussion in 'Other Guitars, other instruments' started by Tassytele, Aug 16 ... sound of the casino will be great for you but keep in mind you lose about 3-4 frets worth of upper neck access on the Casino. So Casino or dot with p-90s or retrotrons or something like that. Aug 16, 2012 #8. neilshane Tele-Meister. Epi ES335 Dot or Casino? | Telecaster Guitar Forum Epi ES335 Dot or Casino? Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by The Teleist , Sep 22, 2009. Page ... adorned with some 1974 T-bobbin Les Paul HBs and a MIJ Lennon Historic Series Casino. The DOT I have had for years, the Casino less than a year. ... you would prefer the Dot. Or better yet the Sheraton if you can afford it. Personally, I love ...

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Sheraton II vs. Casino - Gibson Brands Forums Gibson Brands Forums: Sheraton II vs. Casino - Gibson Brands Forums. Jump to content. ... If the store has a Casino and not Sheraton, but has a Dot or Gibson ES335, you can listen to the Dot or 335 in place of the Sherry and get an idea of how they will sound. Since they have similar body styles and pickups they will sound about as close as you ... Differences between Epiphone's Dot, Sheraton, and Casino ... I had an early 2000's Riviera that was a high quality, gigworthy guitar and also a vastly superior guitar to any Sheraton II. I have played many Casinos that were also professional quality guitars, once set up. All of these insts (Riviera, Casino, non-II Sheraton) stand tall in utility and curb appeal compared to a Dot or Shearton II. Epiphone Dot vs. Casino | Harmony Central The dot (ES-335 type) is a semi-hollow guitar with a solid block in the center and comes with humbuckers, the casino (es-330 type) is fully hollow and comes with P90's. If you want an ES-335, go for either a Dot or a Sheraton II. However, I'd play both and see what you really like. Epiphone Casino Coupe vs Epiphone ES339 Pro - YouTube